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Flooding feared in Whitehorse after one of snowiest winters on record

April 09, 2007
People in Whitehorse have had to wade through even more snow than usual in past months: it was ONE OF THE SNOWIEST WINTERS SINCE RECORDS BEGAN in 1940s. From November to March, the city had 149.7 centimetres of snowfall. In comparison, the record was set in 1991-92, when the city had 177.7 centimetres of snow. And unlike many years when Whitehorse has se
en a melt in December or January, this year the snow stuck around. Now that all the snow is about to melt, people are concerned about flooding.

Snow/ Cold

KANSAS - On the 8th, it was the COLDEST EASTER MORNING ON RECORD in Topeka.

FLORIDA - Gainesville had a low temperature of 35 degrees Sunday morning, BEATING THE RECORD LOW of 38 degrees set in 1950. Jacksonville had a low of 31 degrees Sunday morning. That temperature beat the RECORD LOW FOR THE DAY of 37 degrees set in 1971 as well as the RECORD LOW FOR THE MONTH of 34 degrees set in 1987. "It's RARE to get temperatures that low at this time of year." Photo: Florida residents bundle up during the Easter sunrise service at North Florida Regional Medical Center on Sunday
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