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Drought towns could be forcibly evacuated

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Drought towns could be forcibly evacuated - Residents of two drought-stricken towns on the Darling Downs could be forced by the government to move as water becomes increasingly scarce. State bureaucrats have reportedly considered moving residents out of Leybum, population 200, and Killarney, population 1500. Water is currently being carted to Killarney, located at the source of the Murray Darling river system, at the cost of $8000 per week. "The reality is with no water, you can't live anywhere for long."

Water Shortage

Much of the Netherlands has not had rain in 33 days. That is an exceptionally long period, meteorological institute KNMI said on Tuesday. Long dry periods like this have only occurred four times in the past. Though even those did not last 33 days. There was a smattering of rain in De Bilt on 3 April, which keeps the past period from qualifying as a drought. The dry weather is starting to cause problems for crops and various animal species. At least nine species of butterfly are suffering because of the dry warm weather. "Caterpillars need leaves, leaves need water. A lot of water has evaporated because of the warm period." "Summer hasn't even started yet and the water shortage will become even greater then."
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