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Drought conditions worsen

Water Shortage Alert
Georgia, USA

April 24, 2007

Albany-- Our lack of rain isn't just leading to those wildfires. It has also reduced flow in Georgia's waterways. Water experts and climatologists are worried. They hope things don't dry up even more.

Temperatures are on the rise across the state while water flow is reduced.

"The stream flows are very, very low in the gauging stations around the state," said Doug Wilson with the Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center.

The state of the water situation is getting worse. Georgia's climatologist announced it's gone from severe to extreme in nearly two dozen southern Georgia counties.

"The minimum recorded was 14 in 1955 so we're setting a record today," said Wilson.


CALIFORNIA - The East Bay Municipal Utility District's board of directors declared a water shortage Tuesday and asked its 1.3 million customers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties to voluntarily reduce their water use until further notice. The conservation plan calls for residential customers to only irrigate three days a week, never on consecutive days, and only at night or early morning before dawn. Large irrigators are being asked to reduce their water consumption by 25 percent. The water district said it's urging greater conservation because the winter of 2007 has been ONE OF THE DRIEST IN ITS 84-YEAR HISTORY, yielding less snow and rain than necessary to fill its water supply reservoirs next fall. There's less than half of the normal runoff this year. District officials say that if the winter of 2008 also is dry, it could lead to further dwindling of water supplies and create a drought scenario that would require mandatory rationing.

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