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Despite warnings little is being done to prepare for extreme weather

Guyana, S.A.
April 23, 2007
A disastrous impending drought is expected to soon be upon them. On their low-lying agricultural bread-basket coastland a drought of the scale implied is a fairly RARE occurrence. Their weather recently has been doing at least one strange thing. Miles from the low-lying coastal area, flood conditions at Lethem were such that some citizens were forced to leave their homes - this was thought to be a quite unlikely happening because it is an upland area. Those who feel disinclined to abandon their homes in coastal areas and seek safe accommodation higher up, due to the coming predicted sea level rise, have been advised to build their homes of prefabricated building panels. The panels would be joined by bolts and nuts and bolted down on square reinforced concrete foundation pads. The normal rate of increase in height of any flood waters, it is estimated, will be slow enough to allow the unbolting, dismantling of the entire building and stacking of the panels and pieces on a truck to be transported out of the low lying areas.
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