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April 23, 2007
Photo: The hot weather has lead to broods of ducklings taking their first tentative paddle

Nature is springing its surprises as Britain basks in another spell of sizzling sunshine. Legions of tiny frogs have been spotted among colorful flowerbeds across the UK. The pond-dwellers have rushed through the tadpole stage to become fully formed MANY WEEKS EARLIER THAN ANY PREVIOUS YEAR. Hordes of ducklings are taking their first tentative paddle out on the pond. Flowers burst into bloom weeks before they were expected. Wasps and bumble bees, not usually spotted before June, are out in force. Experts have warned that the recent UNUSUAL weather trends are a further sign of global warming, leading to fears of future droughts and climate upheaval. April could still prove to be the warmest and driest since 1949. The South-east, where hardly any rain is expected all month, could eclipse the record lack of rainfall in April 1912. Only 1.3mm of rain fell at Kew compared with average rainfall of around 55mm for this time of year.
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