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Mangroves move inland as seas rise

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Africa's Climate Delemma

Skywatch-Media Special Report
Residents carry water in the shantytown of Kibera, on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. U.N. climate experts have warned that future global warming could hit Africa harder than other regions.

From the Editor's Desk:

In spite of the 'disinform
ation' campaign being waged by global warming skeptics debunkers and corporate conglomerates, there are many concerned and courageous reporters, environmentalists and scientists who are willing to inform the public about the ever-increasing dangers which are attributed to unprecedented climate change. Don't be fooled by those who are still trying to sway your thinking about the massive earth changes that are occurring. Their way of thinking continues to be mind-boggling in lieu of all the natural disasters and death on a global scale in the past few years. Oh, I know what they want you to believe, the same old rhetoric they have been using since time began......I'm sure you have heard them before...."All is well, it's just a natural phenomena, we have seen it before, and will see it again." or this one, "What your seeing is a 'climate cycle' usually occurring every 100 years or so." The best one I have heard is this: "It's the Sun that is doing these awful things to the Earth." Those skeptics do have a way of persuading the masses, don't they! They have what they consider to be perfectly legitimate excuses for every natural event on earth. Most importantly they blame everything under the Sun for what is happening, except for the irresponsible and inexcusable actions of mankind. Words cannot change the course of events that we now see occurring, only the actions of man can change them. If we continue to believe; as do the skeptics, that 'All is Well,' we are charting a course that will lead to utter destruction and extinction on a scale never before witnessed by mankind. If the skeptics don't want to accept the findings of leading scientists, then then should at least simply take time to observe their surroundings. If the recent, drastic developments occurring to the world's oceans, mountains, icecaps, and specifically to the environment and the earth's species can so easily be explained away by the doubting zealots as a ''natural event'', then we're all responsible for failing to acknowledge the real earth problems, one which involves each of us doing our part to preserve our planet and our way of life. The evolution of mankind continues, but to what avail when we can't even admit to our earthly mistakes.

Steve Shaman
Publisher/ Skywatch-Media News

Africa's Climate Dilemma
Of all the places on earth that are home to exquisite species, Southern Africa is particularly noted. But its flora and fauna stand prone to increasingly violent climate change within the next decades. And that's a prediction that has come to have scientific credibility recently.
Proof that climate change is happening has been discovered in Southern Africa. This is the story of that discovery and why it is so important to world class biodiversity hot spots. It involves two scientists and the Quiver tree. The two scientists, Wendy Foden, and her supervisor, Guy Midgley, from the South African National Biodiversity Institute, chose the desert succulent, the Quiver tree, to predict what the future holds. Photo: Wendy & Guy examine a Quiver tree.

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