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'We've got another crazy storm coming'

Winter Storm News: Wisconsin, USA
Feb 28, 2007
After suffering through the second-biggest February snow total on record, Madison braces for another winter mess starting tonight into Friday, with heavy rain being the main culprit of their weather woes this time, with rains that could turn the region into a skating rink by Friday morning. "We've got another crazy storm coming. Thursday night will be a mess." That mess will just add to the angst and frustration for residents and municipal crews still trying to get rid of last weekend's blizzard that dumped over 15 inches of heavy snow onto Madison and the region. That Friday-Sunday snowstorm was the first time since weather records started in 1869 when more than four inches of snow fell each day for three straight days. Road patching crews are out trying to fill a growing number of potholes that have been caused by the changing weather conditions and the massive plowing and salting operations. If the forecast holds true, the expected heavy rains could cause massive water backups on city streets, parking lots and sidewalks. Freezing rain and heavy snows will sock the northern two-thirds of the state. AccuWeather is predicting 12 to 18 inches of snow by Friday in northwestern Wisconsin.
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