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'Incredibly large storm’ was unexpected,

Earth News: Alabama, USA
March, 2007
A tornado the size and strength of the one that devastated Enterprise March 1, killing nine people and destroying 236 homes, was just not to be expected in Alabama. The tornado cut a destructive path 200 yards wide and eight miles long. The storm actually continued for approximately 50 more miles, and did some damage in Henry County before moving into Georgia. During Thursday’s siege of severe weather, a tornado also ripped through Americus, Georgia. “(The) tornadoes, in this area, Enterprise and other areas and over into Georgia were extremely powerful for this area.” “The size of this storm was incredibly large." The tornado was rated an EF 3, or possibly an EF 4 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, which is a wind measurement based on damage indicators. Winds are believed to have been at 160 mph when the tornado struck the high school. Tornadoes of that size of strength are more commonly seen in the Midwest. The storm was a tornadic supercell that was extremely long-lived. “Our meteorologists were in awe of the shape, structure and intensity of the rotation in this supercell as it moved into the area. It’s really a RARE sight for this area.” It destroyed 236 homes, damaged 360 more and destroyed Enterprise High School.
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