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Heavy rain and hailstorms hit Oman

Breaking Storm News
March 19, 2007
Photo Left: Vehicles belonging to a car rental company in Darseit were tossed around in a flooded wadi during the rough weather in Oman.
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A small hamlet on the Batinah coast 125km north of Muscat, was hit with huge hailstones as rain beat down on most parts of Oman for the whole of Saturday night, bringing the mercury level down considerably. The hailstones caused extensive damage to property and vehicles. "Windscreens and the lights of most vehicles in the town are broken while several cars have big dents due to hailstones." Some cars parked in low-lying areas in Muscat on Saturday night were thrown around by heavy currents from wadis, especially in Qurum and Darseit. In some places trees and signboards were uprooted. For the record, Muscat received 44.6mm rain while Jebel Al Shams received the maximum rainfall of 134mm.


OREGON - USA: A massive landslide broke a water main in Astoria Friday morning, cutting off water to about 30 homes and businesses for most of the day. The slide is about the size of four city blocks. City officials had been monitoring water mains. Thursday night they realized the slide was putting a lot of pressure on one particular water main, so they shut the water off; when the main broke Friday morning, they were relieved that greater trouble had been averted. The growing slide has nearly exhausted the city’s resources. Photo: Residents living in these homes built in the 1920s said they have faith the buildings will continue to dodge problems with landslides.

Torrential Rain

HONDURAS - At least two people died as a result of heavy rain in Honduras on Sunday. One victim drowned in the eastern province of El Paraiso after a river burst its banks. Another man was crushed by a wall and killed when his house collapsed as it was struck by surging floodwaters. A cold front was causing heavy rains across much of Central America and Mexicod.

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