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Hail, heavy rain hit parts of Seoul

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South Korea

Thunder crackled and tiny hailstones rained on parts of Seoul and Gyeonggi province Wednesday as a low-pressure weather system swept across the region. The BIZARRE weather pattern dropped heavy rain and hail on certain areas while skipping nearby neighborhoods entirely. It was the first hailstorm in South Korea this year.


CANADA - The latest rainstorm to soak B.C.'s south coast has led to another major landslide in Vancouver's Stanley Park. The weekend drenching also cost two families their homes when the earth gave way beneath a hilltop in the Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver. A two-kilometre stretch of the storm-damaged Stanley Park Seawall will remain closed until at least August after the debris came down near Prospect Point. About 50 metres of the seawall was covered with rubble, adding to the excavation and repair work already required on the 10-kilometre promenade. "The new pile is three metres high and topped with uprooted trees. Every time it rains, more debris falls." Winter storms and winds have knocked down about 10,000 trees since late November, closing trails and inflicting heavy damage on the seawall.

OHIO - USA. A landslide that reduced traffic on Route 416 a week ago has now closed the road just north of New Philadelphia’s city limits. The Ohio Department of Transportation said the landslide, which developed early last week along the southbound lane, continues to show movement this week. Cracks now have appeared in the northbound lane of the road, also known as Seven Mile Drive. Weak soils and excessive ground water is causing the slide. Weather forecasts showing rain also contributed to the decision to close the road. Officials expect excavation and reconstruction of the embankment to take several months to complete.

ILLINOIS - USA. Receding water may have been the expediting factor that caused a significant landslide along the eastern bank of the Vermilion River just south of the Main Street bridge near downtown Streator. The landslide happened avalanche-style about 6:50 a.m. Tuesday and could be heard at least a block away. "It was an extraordinary set of circumstances and you can't pin what happened on one particular thing." The one factor that definitely contributed was the crested Vermilion River soaking the loosely-packed ground along the river bank and pulling it down as the water receded. The resulting scene was like a smaller-scale version of a California mudslide. Dirt, rocks, trees and loose material that had been dumped along the upper bank over the years now are down by the river or in it. "I've never seen anything like it, with trees in the middle of the river channel standing up like that." Where there once was enough room to park a truck, there now is nowhere to walk behind two business buildings, both of which have been evacuated. The northern end of the landslide came close to the Main Street bridge. Officials are worried more erosion may occur. "We don't know if it's going to slide anymore. We're going to have to wait and see what we can do after it stabilizes itself. There's still a little bit of loose dirt and stuff up at the top that could still wash down. Hopefully we won't get any more rain." At 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, the National Weather Service was forecasting a 30 to 50 percent chance of showers daily through Saturday. (photo) A landslide occurred Tuesday morning along the east bank of the Vermilion River, south of the Main Street bridge near downtown Streator. City officials are consulting with several agencies to figure out what to do about the natural disaster, which resulted in two nearby businesses closing.

CALIFORNIA - USA. Volatile weather swept through Southern California on Tuesday, bringing downpours, hail, snow and fierce winds that capsized boats and downed power lines and trees, cutting power to more than 157,000 utility customers. The roof was torn off the Orange County Fire Authority's aviation building in Fullerton, and harbor patrol officers made numerous rescues involving capsized watercraft in Newport Bay and offshore. A large section of roof laminate and asphalt tile landed on four cars and caused minor damages but no injuries. Fire crews also were responding to "tons" of reports of downed trees and power lines. "It was pretty crazy out there. I was driving on the freeway and saw many dust storms." Winds gusting up to 40 mph caused a small powerboat and three outriggers to capsize. Snow and flurries were reported in desert and mountain areas. "The sky went dark, and for about 10 minutes it kind of snowed. I've never seen weather like this. It's March and I'm wearing a coat and starting a fire at the fireplace." Four electrical transmission towers blew down and a fifth was damaged in the eastern Los Angeles County city of Commerce, and a dozen power poles came down, too. Strong winds accompanied by sporadic showers and hail were driven by a fast-moving cold front that moved from the Central Coast down to Southern California.
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