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GRC has a New Look

From the Editor's Desk:
March 13, 2007

Skywatch-Media is pleased to announce that The Great Red Comet website has a new and improved look.

If you haven't yet checked it out, take a few minutes and go to our new site at Skywatch-media.com

Among the ne
w features that can be found are as follows:

* A news ticker has been implemented just below the page title. If you hover your mouse over the new ticker it will change to the color red. You may then click on that news title and you will be immediately directed to that perticular news page while still remaining on our website.

* Directly below each news article you will see a Bookmark Icon. If you click on the Icon You will be directed to a series of social bookmarking services in which you can easily bookmark the news page to any of the listed Feeds. Give it a Try. It's a good way to hook up with other internet bloggers and webmasters.

* Also listed just below each news article is a Labels Button. Click on this button to be taken to a page that lists all GRC articles under these label headings. This is a good way to backtrack in case you have missed previous news publications.

* In the Sidebar you will notice several changes. A new Language Translation Tool has been added near the top of the page. This tool can be used by all foreign visitors to translate the English content of this website into their native language.

* You can make GRC your chosen home page. Just click on the Icon listed on the sidebar to make this website your home page.

* You can email this page to a friend so that important people in your life can become better informed about our ever changing planet.

* Viewers using Internet Explorer may want to consider using or switching over to Firefox with Google Toolbar. An Icon has been placed in the Sidebar In the Item Search Space for you to conveniently and safely download the Firefox Browser. The updated Great Red Comet website which is hosted by Google is now fully compatible with Firefox Browser. Give it a try.

* Viewers wishing to do some online shopping or looking for a specific book or dvd/cd, may wish to visit our E-Store for a complete list of quality, affordable merchandise and essential items from Amazon.com. Skywatch-Media is a proud sponsor of Amazon products and recommends their merchandise to all our internet visitors.

* Also listed under Item Search is a list of Viewer's Choice book & video publications which can be purchased directly from our website. This is a unique and innovative alternative to internet shopping. Just hover your mouse over the link, and a message will pop up complete with images and information on the subject content. Merchandise content will change on a periodic basis.*Note: In order to properly use this shopping technique, you must first wait for the GRC website to fully download unto your internet browser.

NOTE: Skywatch-Media has a new email address for website communication. Please use the following address when submitting inquiries or suggested news links: skywatch.media@gmail.com An Email Icon has been placed on the Sidebar immediately before the links section. This is the only email that should be used for website feedback.

* The Blog Archives is a new website format being implemented by Blogger. By clicking the yellow/gold arrows, a dropdown list shows all the posted news articles for each month and year since our inception. You can choose to have the list remain open, or fold it up at your descretion.

* Your may subsribe to our Rss Feeds at any time by clicking the link Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) shown on the lower left hand side of the website, just below the last news post. You can also choose to easily subscribe to our feeds located in the Sidebar at any time. By subscribing to news feeds, you will receive the latest breaking earth news directly to your email or any personal home page.

Skywatch-Media would like your imput on our new design features, and will welcome any suggestion you may have on ways to further improve our site. We are committed to providing our viewers with fast breaking earth news that effects us all in these troubled times. As always, we desire to make your browsing experience more informative and viewer friendly.


Steven Shaman

©2007, Skywatch-Media. All Rights Reserved

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