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Floods Ravage Northern Argentina

Earth News
Argentina, S.A.
March 2007

Unusually heavy late-summer rains led to extensive flooding across northern Argentina from January through March. Late summer rains pounded Northern Argentina, triggering the floods. The rains started in mid-January, and by March 21 the rainfall had caused floods along the Parana and Dulce Rivers and around Laguna Mar Chiquita. The rains were the HEAVIEST SEEN IN ARGENTINA IN 45 YEARS. The resulting floods killed 5 and forced 5,000 from their homes. The floods stretch out over tens of kilometers east of the Parana River.

Click the Satellite Image at left to view topographical changes due to torrential rains and immense flooding.
Photo Courtesy Nasa

Torrential Rains/ Floods/ Landslides

GUYANA - Sudden thunderstorms broke out in Guyana. According to those in the know here, it does not rain at this time of the year and they described it as FREAK WEATHER. Thunderstorms are forecast for the next eight days. Temperatures in Guyana's capital Georgetown will be around 87 F into the middle of next week and a daily downpour is expected.

OREGON - A landslide along Burnside Street in Northwest Portland was cinching traffic down to two lanes and it will take months for crews to fix the roadway. The slide developed when a basalt wall fractured in ongoing rain and began to crumble. Rocks as big as 24 inches in diameter tumbled down on the busy roadway, but there were no reports of damage to cars. Cement barricades will extend five to six feet into the traffic lanes, as a buffer to protect against falling rocks. The barricades will likely stay in place through the summer, when conditions dry out and allow workers to complete the road repair projects.
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