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Don't Blame Sun for Global Warming

Global Warming News
From the Editor's Desk
March 19, 2007

Sunspots alter the amount of energy Earth gets from the sun, but not enough to impact global climate change. Sunspot-driven changes to the sun's power are simply too small to account for the climatic changes observed in historical data from the 17th century to the present, research suggests. National Geographic News: Sept. 06

Ever since Al Gore's Documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" won an oscar for its exemplary coverage of the controversial issue of Global Warming, the skeptics have crawled out of the woodwork to contradict the indisputable findings of leading scientists across the globe. The debunkers have and will continue to dispute the facts surrounding climate change and greenhouse gases because it disrupts their ultimate purpose in this world, which is to get rich regardless of the consequences.

The skeptics new dig is to persuade the public and the media that Solar Energy or the Sun's activity is solely to blame for the extreme changes in the climate. What they fail to mention is a rational explanation regarding the sudden and drastic melting of the world's glaciers and the ice caps in particular. They also fail to provide a convincing explanation for the gradual and realistic increase in the earth's core temperature in the last 20 years. In addition they conveniently fail to mention that the ocean levels continue to rise and island nations are sinking as we speak. The Earth has been around for millions of years, but disastrous events are happening on an alarming scale now. A recent study conducted in September of 2006 refutes the Sun Worshipers concepts behind global warming. Who are we to believe, and who do the skeptics believe they are fooling?

A classic example of this would be the recent distribution of a poorly produced and documented movie,"The Great Global Warming Swindle,"which is being crusaded across the Internet, in a futile attempt to dispute the already proven facts behind the concept of global warming. If your going to keep your blinders on, then your never going to see the true light of day. For the naysayers, it is better to deceive and mislead the public, rather then lose one's pocketbook by pandering to the truth seekers.

Each of us has the freedom and the privilege to choose, but we also have an obligation to choose wisely. If we fail to make good decisions we eventually will pay with dire consequences. The same is true of our environment and how we choose to care for the future of our planet. Learn more about this contradictory movie, Global Warming Swindle and what they would want you to believe.

It is true that we shouldn't believe everything we hear and read, but we should seriously consider things that we do not have a firm understanding of. In so doing, we can better determine the cause and then a plan for action to resolve the matter.

There are those that do not want to know because it is not in their best interests. It is up to us to determine who those people and organizations are, and why they are so adamantly against speaking the truth on vital subjects such as global warming. Ultimately, there will always be an ulterior motive for their actions. The idea is that, 'for all actions in this world, there will be a reaction.' How true that is with respect to the subject of Global Warming.

This a hot issue, but it is authentic evidence not conjecture that fuels the debate. The naysayers can debunk to their hearts content, but the changes we are witnessing to this earth will continue and become even more pronounced, even while the debate becomes more heated.

Steven Shaman

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