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Cyclone swells pound KZN coastline

Storm News: South Africa
Photo: The Golen Mile Skyline of Durban

March 05, 2007
A massive operation was expected to begin yesterday to clean up the promenade at much of Durban's Golden Mile, which lies under sand washed far ashore by giant waves powered by Cyclone Gamede at the weekend. The cyclone created swells reaching 3.5m along the coastline. A low-pressure system and the circular motion of the tropical cyclone combined to push out the large waves. The cyclone, which devastated parts of Mozambique last week, is expected to have no further effect on the weather. "The waves moved between 30m and 50m along the beach and against a steep gradient. They went over the pier and the concrete banks. It was the first time that I had witnessed waves moving so high." Meanwhile, in the Eastern Cape, four people were injured after being struck by lightning, one man died and hundreds more are homeless after a heavy hail storm near eNgcobo at the weekend. The man was killed when his house collapsed during the storm. At St Lucia, natural forces combined to produce a spectacle at the weekend, revitalising a long-dormant estuarine system. Huge waves from rough seas, a spring tide and strong winds caused the sand bank at the estuary mouth to breach after being closed for five years, sending water rushing into the lake. There would be a significant effect on the lake as the intrusion of seawater would kill off any fish intolerant of salt water. The big waves were expected to be around for the next six days.
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