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Coastal communities watch for flooding

Flood Alert: United Kingdom
March 19, 2007

Coastal communities around East Anglia are hoping to avoid serious flooding problems despite the twin threat of high tides and strong winds. Areas such as Wells and Blakeney have seen sea water washing on to quaysides and car parks over the past few days due to the spring equinox tides and northerly winds. Lifeboats and flood wardens were also on standby at Bacton on Sunday due to fears about water encroaching into homes and businesses. More higher than average high tides are due over the next two days. “We are keeping a close watch on the tide situation, particularly in view of the northerly wind and low pressure.” The combination of the high tides with a northerly wind acts as a friction on the sea and pushes it down the North Sea funnel. But the wind hasn't been acting long enough for it to be a significant problem.
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