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Alert because of Volcanic Activity

Volcanic News: Central AmericaVOLCANOES

San Salvador, Mar 16 (Prensa Latina) The continuous telluric movements in the perimeters of volcano Santa Ana, west of El Salvador, are keeping authorities of the National Territorial Studies Service (SNET) in alert.

The vibrations caused by the volcano, which last eruption was produced on October 1, 2005, was between 15 and 21 units of telluric activity, when normal values are between 10 and 20, said SNET experts Friday.

Eight seismic movements an hour were reported since Friday early morning, but no one was perceived by the population close to the mountain, between the departments of Santa Ana and Sonsonate.

SNET decreed the state of volcanic emergency and restricted access in a mile around the crater.

Juan Miguel Bolanos, Interior Vice Minister, said the signal is accompanied by a constant bubbling which is considered higher than normal.


NEW ZEALAND - Civil defence authorities in New Zealand activated an emergency response plan after the volcanic crater lake at Mt Ruapehu burst its banks today sending a mudflow down the mountain. There have been no reports of injuries or damage associated with the natural phenomenon known as a "lahar". Scientists have been expecting a significant lahar for the past few months. The crater lake of Mount Ruapehu has been rising steadily, since the last eruptions in 1995 and 1996. More than 60 lahars have been recorded in the Whangaehu Valley below the mountain since the 1860s. Reports and the first photos from the scene described a flash flood of water, mud and volcanic debris sweeping down the southern side of the mountain towards Tangiwai. Hundreds of travellers were stranded by road closures in the central north island. The wild weather in the North Island may have brought on the current activity. The bund built to divert the path of the water and mud from the crater lake on Mount Ruapehu withstood the lahar, and the lahar continued down the Whangaehu Valley away from the Tongariro catchment. The lahar also continued safely down the valley and underneath the Tangiwai Bridge. The lahar went past the village of Tangiwai and was on its way to the sea. Photo Above: A webcam upstream of Tangiwai Bridge captures this view of the lahar

ITALY - The volcano on the tiny Sicilian island of Stromboli erupted in a shower of small stones and ash, but it posed no danger to the few hundred people living nearby, authorities said Friday.

GUATEMALA - Guatemala's National Disaster Reduction Coordination office declared an orange alert on Friday after the Fuego Volcano, some 45 km from Guatemala City, erupted and triggered waves of small earthquakes. The eruption spewed ash 500 meters into the air, and triggered 20 to 30 small earthquakes a minute. The warning affects more than 31,000 people living in 14 nearby towns. Eruption records of Fuego Volcano, one of the country's most active volcanoes, date back to 1542, and at its fiercest it could spray ash all the way to El Salvador or Honduras.
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