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Winter In Central Europe Warmest On Record

Weather Observations: Europe
Feb 27, 2007
This winter in central Europe has been the WARMEST ON RECORD, as meteorologists around Europe compiled final data for the season. For meteorologists, winter comprises the three months ending at 0600 GMT on March 1. Average temperatures in Germany were 4.1 degrees higher than the long-term average since scientific recordings began in 1901. The unusually warm winter had been general to central Europe: a region including the Alpine nations, Poland and eastern France. Eastern Europe up to the Urals had a very warm December and January, but cold weather in February. Britain's Met Office added that the winter had been the second-warmest in Britain since detailed records began in 1914. This followed a trend of very warm temperatures over the last year, with the 12 months to February 2007 the warmest period in Central England since temperature readings began 348 years ago. The main reason for the warmth has been the remorseless arrival of weather systems from the southwest and west, shutting out polar chill. "Cold air-masses hadn't a chance of winning superiority in central Europe this winter." The current modest El Nino pattern, a southern hemisphere weather cycle which markedly alters rainfall, was quite separate from European trends. Research showed El Nino could slightly affect Europe, making the weather colder, but that had not happened this winter at all.
Feb 28, 2007: Australia
ADELAIDE has sweltered through it hottest February for the past 100 years.
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