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Volcano erupts in Belalcazar

Breaking Volcanic Warning: Columbia, S.A.
Associated Press
February 21, 2007
Residents of Belalcazar, located in Cauca province in southwestern Colombia, have started to evacuate their town after a state of emergency was declared in the villages surrounding the Nevado del Huila volcano.The Nevado del Huila erupted on Monday, spewing a column of ash hundreds of meters (thousands of feet) into the air and triggering a series of tremors that set off a small avalanche.Arnet Castro Cometa, the mayor of Belalcazar said there was no history of volcanic activity in the Nevado del Huila, some 280 kilometres (175 miles) southwest of Bogota.
"Ever since 500 years ago we haven't had any information about the evolution of the Nevado del Huila volcano but we are on alert because they are monitoring it and they have shown that an eruption can happen," he said.The volcano rises to a height of 5,631 meters (3,520 feet) above sea level.
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