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Volcano Erupts in Arakan

Volcanic News: Burma
Feb 20, 2007
A volcano located on Rambree Island in Arakan State, Burma, erupted yesterday as local people closely watched the situation without fear, reported townspeople yesterday by phone to Narinjara.
The eruption of the volcano started at 11:30 am and lasted only ten minutes, spewing ash and hot gasses a few kilometers into the sky.
The volcano is situated about one mile north of Sit Taung Village under Sai Khron Village Tract in Kyauk Pru District. Local Arakanese people call the mountain "Nagadaung", which translates to "Dragon Mountain" in English.
Local people had previously believed that the volcano was extinct, but they are now filled with wonder as the volcano has erupted again and again.
RUSSIA - A powerful discharge of ash from the crater of the Shiveluch volcano was been registered on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula on Monday. The strength of volcano’s eruptions is growing with every year. In 1964, its eruption was classified by scientists as catastrophic. After a calm period the volcano again began to show its “explosive nature” in 1984. The process is similar to the one that was underway in the period between the giant’s catastrophic eruptions of 1854 and 1964. By analogy with the past period, there is a 100-year period between powerful eruptions, therefore a new powerful eruption of the volcano is possible within the next 40-50 years that is comparable in power with the 1964 eruption, when Shiveluch spewed over one cubic kilometres of volcanic ejecta.
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