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Update:Yellow snow in Siberia caused by Turkmen cyclone

Earth News: Siberia
Feb 06, 2007

Foul-smelling yellow snow that fell in western Siberia last week was caused by a cyclone bringing dust from Turkmenistan, local officials said.
"According to data from the Russian meteorological services on January 28 and 29 a cyclone began to form in the southeast Caspian Sea above the territory of Turkmenistan, which moved across Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and the Russian Volga and Ural regions," the website of the local government of Omsk said.
The cyclone brought "masses of air accompanied by sand".
The Interfax news agency Interfax quoted the ministry as saying the most likely cause of the unusual snow, which ranged in colour from light yellow to orange and carried a distinctive rotten odour, was "waste from metallurgical plants."
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