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Unusual Supercell-Spawned Twister Broke All The Rules

Weather Observations: Florida, USA
View: Funnels of Fury

Feb 04, 2007
Little about Friday morning's storms could be called typical for Florida. Five supercell thunderstorms and at least one tornado cut a 70-mile swath of destruction from Central Florida to the Atlantic Ocean in less than an hour and a half. A tornado that first touched down in northeast Sumter County stayed on the ground longer than normally seen here. "It's unusual. It doesn't happen very often here. It's more common north and west of here in the Great Plains and Midwest." This time of year, Florida usually experiences storm patterns that are more bow-shaped and produce strong straight-line winds sometimes referred to as microbursts. Friday's storms were lined up and focused. The tornado dropped from clouds hanging about 1,500 to 2,000 feet above ground. "The lower the cloud bases, the more dangerous the situation is. And that is considered low."
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