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Record breaking temperatures in Bulgaria

Weather Observations: Bulgaria
Feb 11, 2007
Veliko Tarnovo. Air temperature in the Bulgarian northeastern town of Veliko Tarnovo reached 20 degrees C /68 F/ at 2.00 pm local time on Sunday, FOCUS Radio – Veliko Tarnovo reported, citing Penka Ilieva, meteorologist from the National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology.‘These are unusually high temperatures’, Ilieva said. So far the highest temperature in the region for the same date (February 11th )was recorded in 1912 – 19.6 degrees C /67 F/.Temperatures along the Bulgarian section of the Danube River varied between 15 – 16 degrees C /59 – 61 F/. The usual temperature for February 11th in these regions of Bulgaria is –1 – 0 degrees C /30-32 F/.
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