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Just what was that boom sound?

Mystery Booms: Texas, USA
Feb 07, 2007

Galveston County residents from League City to Texas City to Jamaica Beach reported hearing what sounded like a series of short explosions during the weekend. The sounds so worried some that the Texas City office of homeland security launched its own inquiry. “We started getting calls about 8 a.m. (Sunday, 2/4). We called all the plants, the Coast Guard, tried calling Ellington Field and can’t find where they came from.” The media liaison for the FBI said her agency had no reports of any unusual activity and said there were no drills or training exercises involving explosives taking place during the weekend. The blast came without warning and rattled windows up and down Bay Street in North Texas City. The Texas Office of the U.S. Geological Survey said there had been no recorded seismic events along the Gulf Coast this weekend. So what went boom? What could have shook homes from League City to Galveston’s beaches? They do know that they came from above. “I can tell you to the exact minute ... I heard them” - the first boom was at 4:14 p.m. Sunday. With back-to-back booms at 5:12 p.m. and 5:14 p.m. as well. The booms were described as short, low-pitched bursts lasting only a few seconds. Given those descriptions, the most plausible explanation would appear to be the sonic boom made by a jet when it crosses the sound barrier. With Ellington Field close by, it wouldn’t be the first time jet fighters would have been blamed for creating a stir. But all of the Air National Guard’s planes were on the ground Sunday. A spokeswoman for the Houston Airport System said checks into the mysterious booms came up empty. [Scores of people all over the Midwest and Upper Midwestern United States reported seeing flames and fiery explosions in the sky Sunday night - probably meteorites, possibly connected to the booms. [See meteorite article.]
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