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Increased activity detected in Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano

Volcanic News: Ecuador

Feb 13, 2007
QUITO, Ecuador: Scientists on Tuesday warned of increased activity at Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano, which erupted violently last year killing at least four people and leaving thousands homeless.
Ecuador's Geophysics Institute said in a statement that the volcano, whose name means "throat of fire" in the local Quichua language, began shooting a 2-kilometer (1.2-mile) plume of ash into the sky Monday night.


MONTSERRAT - More residents face evacuation in Montserrat - Recently imposed mandatory evacuation boundaries may be extended, affecting additional residents living on the borders of Belham Valley. Computer modeling revealed that additional areas in the present safe zone could be impacted by pyroclastic flows and surges. The size of Montserrat’s Soufriére Hills Volcano now stands at 1,065 meters above sea level, containing some 250 million cubic meters of volcanic material, the LARGEST IT HAS EVER BEEN. This new RECORD IN DOME SIZE surpasses the previous record size, the 2003 dome at 240 million cubic meters. That dome subsequently collapsed, converting areas from south woodlands to Salem and the surrounding environment into a disaster area due to the abundance of ash deposited in these areas. This 2003 eruption resulted in a six month clean up campaign. (photos)

NEW ZEALAND - The possibility of multiple volcanic eruptions in Whangarei may need to be considered in light of new research by Auckland University. The research shows at least five of Auckland's volcanoes were born at the same time, and they could erupt simultaneously. While the research did not extend to Whangarei, Whangarei's volcanic field is similar to Auckland's, and multiple eruptions within a short space of time is possible. The likelihood of renewed eruptions needs to be considered in risk assessment and volcano
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