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Frigid temperatures grip eastern Canada, U.S.

Breaking Climate News: US & Canada
Photo: Niagra Falls Today
Updated Mon. Feb. 5 2007 6:31 PM ET
Frigid air has descended on much of the country, and one of Environment Canada's top forecasters says temperatures could stay low for the rest of the month.
"Cold air is like molasses, it's like a bully on the playground: very thick, dense, very heavy, and hard to kick out," Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips told CTV Newsnet.

The cold air is affecting much of eastern Canada and the U.S. In southern Ontario, temperatures in cities like Windsor dipped down to minus 20 degree Celsius -- without wind chill.

In the U.S., where temperatures have dropped as low as minus 42, the frigid cold has left at least four people dead, prompting homeless people to seek out shelters.
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