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Earthquake danger higher than normal in southern B.C.

Seismic News Alert: British Columbia, Canada
Feb 02, 2007

VICTORIA - Scientists are warning that if B.C.'s south coast is going to be hit by an earthquake soon, it's likely to happen during the next week. A series of tremors that started in Puget Sound along the U.S. West Coast three days ago are working their way up Vancouver Island and are being tracked by seismologists at the Geological Survey of Canada.
The low-level shaking, which can be picked up only by sensitive equipment installed up the coast by U.S. and Canadian governments, rumbled through southern Vancouver Island Thursday, said seismologist Garry Rogers at the Pacific Geoscience Centre in Sidney, B.C..
The tremors are caused by a tear in the bottom plate of the Cascadia fault. Pacific Geoscience Centre scientists discovered in 2003 that the tremor activity happens regularly every 14 months, and so can be accurately forecasted.
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