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Drought leaves 300,000 short of drinking water in NW China

Earth News: China
(Xinhua)Updated: 2007-02-06 20:27
XI'AN -- Drought has left 300,000 people short of drinking water and affected thousands of hectares of cropland in northwest China's Shaanxi Province in the past two months, say local authorities.
The average rainfall in January in central Shaanxi was 50 to 90 percent below average and temperatures were one to two degrees centigrade higher, according to the Shaanxi Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters.
Only two to six millimeters of rain fell in January in Baoji City, and no rainfall was reported in Weinan City, the headquarters said. Sporadic drizzle fell on Xianyang and Xi'an.
Water shortages had affected more than 300,000 rural residents and 60,000 livestock in
Tongchuan, Xianyang and Weinan, three cities in central Shaanxi.
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