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Concerns over earthquake preparedness

Earth News: Kyrgyzstan
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Feb 05, 2007
Concerns have been raised over Kyrgyzstan's ability to deal with the aftermath of an earthquake following four quakes in the Central Asian state in the space of a month. While the government and relief agencies have a plan to contain natural disasters, this UNUSUAL level of seismological activity has put the spotlight on Kyrgyzstan's ability to respond to emergencies, and bigger quakes are expected to follow. The reason for such concern was a strong earthquake in Kemin a century ago. "Seismologists say that such tremors are highly likely to reoccur every 100 years." There have been no serious casualties from any of the earthquakes in the past month, but several thousand buildings - including houses, schools and medical facilities - have been damaged, and some totally destroyed. The series of earthquakes began on December 26, measuring up to 5.9 on the Richter scale. Tens of thousands of people were affected by the earthquakes, with thousands of them losing their homes.
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