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Colombian Volcano Eruption Spews Ash Skyward

Volcanic News: Columbia. S.A.
Columbian Volcano Erupts

Feb 22, 2007
HUILA PROVINCE, Colombia -- A Colombia volcano had a major eruption on Wednesday, shooting ash thousands of feet into the air.
The eruption of the Nevado del Huila volcano triggered a series of tremors that in set off landslides.
The president of Colombia flew near the volcano and was briefed on the situation.
Villagers living near the volcano have begun evacuating.
The Paez River has been contaminated with volcanic ash for days.

Lightning Strikes from the Mouths of Volcanoes
Volcanoes can trigger earthquakes, avalanches and devastating lava flows. Add to this list lightning, which has now been detected striking from the mouth of a mountainous beast.
A new study reveals the first direct observations of this well-known but poorly understood volcano-electrical phenomenon.
Photo: New, small dome on the summit of Augustine volcano viewed from the northeast on January 16, 2006. The yellow/orange color in the steam is caused by volcanic gases. Credit: Game McGimsey and Alaska Volcano Observatory/ U.S. Geological Survey
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