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24,000 Evacuated From Floods In Mozambique

Breaking Earth News: Mozanbique
Feb 11, 2007
Thousands of people have been urged to abandon their homes as deadly flooding has struck because of four weeks of torrential rains.The hardest-hit region is central Mozambique where the Zambezi River and its tributaries flow. At least four people have died and thousands of houses have been destroyed, water levels have reached alarming heights and all Mozambicans living near rivers have been told they should immediately leave their homes. Heavy rains have fallen across southern Africa, also affecting parts of Angola, Zambia and Malawi.
NEW ZEALAND - Officials are still scrambling to link the top of the North Island with the rest off the country, after heavy rain cut the area off. A month's worth of rain fell in just three days, stranding hundreds of locals and tourists when the Mitimiti bridge near Te Kao collapsed.
INDONESIA - Fresh rains triggered more floods in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Thursday. A week after the Indonesian capital was struck by the worst floods in recent memory, waters had receded in many middle-class districts, but conditions remained grim in narrow riverside alleys where the city's poor live. Authorities placed the death toll from the flooding at 53. Authorities also forced the evacuation of over 400,000 people. Some 84,000 others have been treated for ailments including itchy skin, coughs or common colds resulting from contact with dirty water or exposure. Overnight rain sent about a metre of water coursing back into some areas, underscoring the challenges facing city authorities as they try to clean its streets and restore basic services. Between 240,000 and 420,000 people were still packed in temporary shelters as the waist-high floodwaters prevent them from returning homes. "City officials have to start cleaning the debris if they want to prevent the spread of diseases." Heavy rains on Wednesday night caused a three-foot high flood in some areas. Floods also occurred outside the capital, with some 106,000 acres (43,000 hectares) of rice paddies and several villages, farms and businesses in west Java province in knee-high water.

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