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Weather blamed for loud booms

More Mysterious Booms
Michigan, USA
Jan 27, 2007
Residents in four counties said they heard loud booms and bangs Thursday night, 1/25. Between 8:32p.m. and 11:30 p.m. residents called police, complaining about the "explosions." Many people were frightened by the noises, which some claimed sounded as if something had hit their homes. "One lady described it as sounding like someone was banging with both fists on her door." It is being explained as a possible weather phenomenon involving a drop in temperatures. Rapidly dropping temperatures could have created a stable layer in the atmosphere called a temperature inversion. That temperature inversion will trap sound waves close to the surface of Earth. Those sound waves, when dispersed, are forced to move horizontally from their source, instead of upward and horizontally.
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