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Winter Storm News: Czech Republic
Jan 29, 2007
Winter showed up with a vengeance, bringing heavy snow and strong winds that grounded operations at Prague’s international airport last week (1/24). It was a quick one-two punch. First hurricane-strength winds wrought havoc as they raced through the country, then a sudden severe snowfall did its worst, bringing much of the Czech Republic to a halt. Ruzynì suffered the worst weather circumstances of all airports in the region with some 25 centimeters of snow falling in 24 hours. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute classifies a calamity situation when just 10 centimeters fall within a full day. The snow just kept on coming, remaining constant throughout Jan. 24. Eventually, workers cleared more than 400,000 tons of snow from an area equivalent to 335 football fields. A vicious wind storm swept across Europe Jan. 18–21. Wind speeds of up to 200 kilometers an hour were recorded in some Czech localities. The combination of wind and snow left the country’s forests in a critical state. Government officials estimated more than 10 million cubic meters of timber were felled by the winds. The winds also took a toll on homeowners. As of Jan. 25, insurance costs from the wind storms were estimated at Kè 1.3 billion, with 46,000 claims filed. Damaged roofs were the most common claim.

UTAH -USA- Sunday was another bad day of heavy smog inhalation across the Wasatch Front, as the RECORD BREAKING inversion continued to sock the entire area. Health experts say this is THE WORST WINTER FOR UTAH'S INVERSION EVER. Conditions Sunday were nearly three times over the level that triggers a "no-burn day". Health experts suggest taking public transportation to keep levels from rising even further. "Every time I come down here it's beginning to look more and more like California." Meteorologists say they do not see a break from the bad air in the near future.
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