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‘Third wave’ warning for Johor

Breaking Earth News: Malaysia
Severe Flood Alert
Jan 25, 2007
A red stage heavy rain warning has been issued for Johor, especially the eastern and southern parts of the state, which has raised fears of a third wave of floods. As at yesterday, parts of Batu Pahat were still flooded, with the water remaining stagnant in some villages. Moderate to heavy rain was expected until this Sunday. The rain was not expected to be as heavy as that of last month or in mid-January. But a red stage warning was issued because stronger winds were bringing more clouds to Johor and because some river levels in Johor had not yet returned to normal. River levels in Batu Pahat and the levels at two dams have breached their danger mark. It would be “EXTREMELY UNUSUAL” to have a third wave of floods over such a short period. “We never had 500mm of rain before but it has now happened. We never had heavy flooding twice within a month, but that too has occurred. All we can hope for is that a third wave does not happen or spill over to the middle part of the state.”
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