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Thaw warms snow-covered Manitoba towns

Weather Observations: Canada
Jan 03, 2007
RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURES were set in more than a dozen Manitoba communities on Wednesday, melting memories of Saturday's snowstorm. The spring-like spell came courtesy of a wave of mild Pacific air that's keeping cold Arctic air out of the area. The daytime high in Winnipeg reached 5.8 C, breaking its 1984 record for the warmest Jan. 3, at 3.3 C. Such record-breaking temperatures are RARE, even though it's normal to have at least a day or two in winter in which the temperature rises above freezing.

Observations Elsewhere
WISCONSIN - The season's uncommonly warm weather has wreaked havoc on the area's winter sports retailers and enthusiasts, but has extended the season for golfers, cyclists and other outdoor fans. Wednesday broke a 57-YEAR-OLD RECORD when the mercury hit 51, topping 1950's record high of 46. The temperatures here have been between 71 and 81 percent higher than normal so far this winter, and will continue to be warmer than usual — 50 to 60 percent higher — until March. "I know it's HIGHLY UNUSUAL to be this mild and snowless in the early part of January."

PENNSYLVANIA - The mild weather at the start of 2007 has been reflected in everything from slow sales of skis to duffers on the links. It’s not uncommon to be able to play golf during the first half of December, but to play in January is RARE. This winter appears to be following a pattern set the two previous winters. While there was snow in December 2005, it stopped snowing for a couple weeks after Christmas and became warmer. After the first couple weeks in January 2006, it finally became cold enough for ski resorts to make snow. Much of the Midwest and East Coast are going through a remarkably warm winter, with temperatures 10 and 20 degrees higher than normal. Ice-fishing tournaments in Minnesota are being canceled for lack of ice. New York City saw a November and December without snow for the first time since 1877. And New Jersey had its WARMEST DECEMBER SINCE RECORDS STARTED being kept 111 years ago. Not only are crocus bulbs blooming in a Rahway, New Jersey backyard, but the asparagus is 3 inches high. “They think it’s spring. They’re so confused.” The jet stream, the high-altitude air current that works like a barricade to hold back warm Southern air, is running much farther north than usual over the East Coast. In Maryland, buds are appearing on apple and peach trees, raising the prospect of a poor spring crop if a sudden cold snap kills the blossoms. A gradual cooldown would minimize any damage. Photo Above: An employee of D.J.M. Services of Johnstown, uses a stump grinder to remove a tree stump on Jan 3, 2007. Unseasonably mild weather has kept plans on track for a new cement sidewalk.
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