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Stronger Earthquake Predicted in 5 Years

Earth News: Korea
Jan 22, 2007
The 4.8 earthquake that jolted the eastern province of Kangwon on Saturday evening was the eighth-largest earthquake in Korean history. Most seismologists have said that the Korean Peninsula, which is located on the Eurasia plate, was considered safe from the danger of earthquakes. However, other experts say that since earthquakes that occur on the Korean Peninsula are closely related to those that take place in nearby countries, South Korea is no more a safety area. Clashes between Pacific and Philippines plates, India and Eurasia plates cause earthquakes in Japan and China, and forces that are left from the clashes cause earthquakes in the Korean Peninsula. "Whenever large-scale earthquakes take place in nearby countries such as China and Japan, earthquakes occur on inland Korea within the next one to five years.Since a large scale earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 occurred in Fukuoka, Japan, in 2005, there is a high possibility that an earthquake measuring 5.0 or even more could hit the inland of our country within the next five years." There have been three earthquakes measuring 5.0 or stronger on the Korean Peninsula since 1978.
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