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Seismic News: Chile
(January 29, 2007) Hundreds of earthquakes and tremors have shaken Chile’s remote Aysen region for a week, causing anxiety among locals. Quakes strong enough to be perceived without the aid of a machine have registered between 2 and 5.4 on the Richter scale. Studies conducted by the Universidad de Chile recently revealed that the earthquakes are being caused by tectonic movement along the seismic fault that runs from the 9th to the 11th regions. Residents worried that volcanic activity was producing the tremors, a sign of imminent eruption. The phenomenon has brought back memories of the 1991 disaster caused by the Hudson Volcano, which erupted for over five months, covering the area with ash and killing tens of thousands of farm animals. The eruption of Hudson was preceded by a similar spate of tremors and earthquakes.Many in the Aysen region have experienced stress, anxiety and even panic attacks because of the shaking. Anti-anxiety medication and eye-masks have been on high demand to combat widespread insomnia.
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