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Rare Cold Wave in Pakistan

Climate News: Pakistan
Jan 07, 2007

Like most other parts of the province, Provincial Metropolis remained in the grip of cold wave on Saturday with mercury dipping below the freezing point in the city for THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1935. Minimum temperature dropped from Friday's 0.0 Celsius to -01.0 C on Saturday, making the weather extremely chilly, while humidity was recorded at 82 per cent in the morning and 30 per cent in the evening. The whole area including India and Nepal are in the grip of a cold wave due to a high pressure area. Presently there is no rain-yielding system in the region but the high pressure area is followed by a low pressure area which leads to change in wind direction that not only brings moisture but also leads to rise in temperature. Meanwhile, the mercury further dropped as a severe cold wave persists in most parts of the country including the quake-hit zone in Azad Kashmir, Northern Areas and northern Balochistan. The UNUSUAL drop in the temperature has affected water and gas supply and local people have started migration to other areas. Several parts of the country have been hit by severe cold for the last few days and the lowest temperature –15 degree centigrade has been recorded at Mahtarzai area of northern Balochistan. The bone chilling cold killed two persons in Lahore on Friday and many more were hospitalized due to cold related illnesses. The cold wave that started last week has crippled life all across Pakistan resulting in fog in plain areas of Punjab and other parts of the country, creating difficulties for traffic.
UTAH - Thursday, Salt Lake City broke its DAILY MAXIMUM SNOWFALL RECORD when it received nearly 6 inches of snow. This breaks the city's old record of 3.3 inches of snow which was set back in 1929. Meanwhile, ANOTHER RECORD WAS BROKEN following the major snow storm. Salt Lake City received 0.44 inches of water from the melted snow. The old record was 0.27 inches of snow set back in 1978. WATCH VIDEO
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