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Radical weather patterns devastate California crops, endanger residents with rare freeze

Earth News: Weather Observations
California, USA

Jan 16, 2007
Millions of dollars worth of California crops were devastated Friday when an arctic cold snap hit the state, even in areas where such weather is rare, such as Montclair and Chino.
A freeze watch was issued by the National Weather Service for the Santa Monica mountains and the San Fernando, San Gabriel and Santa Clarita valleys, where residents were told to keep both pets and plants indoors. The record low temperatures spurred Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to declare a state of emergency and make facilities such as National Guard armories and fairgrounds open as emergency centers and homeless shelters.

From the editor's desk: Skywatch-Media

Jan 18, 2007
I've noticed something rather strange in the photo above that was provided by newstarget.com
At the near 12 oclock postion to the Sun is what appears to be a large omminous object, surrounded by several smaller entities. The image above the Sun doesn't fit the true definition of a "lens Flare" as in the photo example below. There is always the possibility that the image is reflecting a solar anomaly or even just a burst of energy from a solar flare. I envoked my curiosty just a bit and decided to open the photoshop and invert the photo above to see if there were any variances in color and texture in the unexplained image, when compared to the Sun and the surrounding space.
The Inverted photo shows quite convincingly that the image is in the shape of a hexagon, but similar to what could be described as a planet x-type object with a serpentine configuration. This of course, is only a theory, my theory of what could be out there. We need to keep our minds open to the possibility that the horrendous climate events and earth changes we are now experiencing could at the very least be partly contributed to a brown-dwarf object on the fringe if not within our solar system. This is not to say that global warming and climate change are a figment of our imagination or have not contributed in some way to the misery being felt across the globe, but there are other possibilities that can and do exist which should be theorized in our search for answers to the global climate phenomena. A more thorough interpretation of Planet X and the theories and beliefs revolving around it's existence can be found with Nancy Lieder at Zetatalk.
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