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A Mighty Wind

Storm News: Barbados
Photo: UPROOTED. These trees felt the full fury of the unusual gust in Wildey Heights yesterday morning.

Jan 11, 2007
A tornado-like gust of wind that ripped apart roofs and overturned huge trees in the Pine and Wildey, St Michael districts left several people in shock and scampering for their lives yesterday. The bout of UNUSUAL weather, which struck about 7:50 a.m., reportedly lasted for about 15 seconds, but its fury left a trail of destruction that covered about a half-mile radius.

Severe Weather
YEMEN - Heavy rains falling in eastern and western highlands killed dozens of people and damaged hundreds of houses and roads and agricultural farms. The heavy rains lasted nine days. The continued torrential rains caused landslides, thus blocking roads and deterring traffic. A scene post a flooding disaster in Shibam-Hadramout last year . YT PHOTO ARCHIVE

SINGAPORE is the latest victim of FREAK weather - UNUSUAL rain and floods greeted Singaporeans during the New Year. In December 2006 the island nation had to weather constant heavy rain as well as floods as not seen before. Many businesses were affected. In Singapore and in Chennai state of India, where water is a scarce resource, there is an ongoing debate and argument to have the taps regulated. Singapore's long-term arrangement for water supply with the neighboring state of Malaysia is constantly under scrutiny by the generous neighbors who feel that Singapore is paying too little for much water. In Chennai, on the other hand, the conflict is with its neighboring state of Karnataka for water that flows through the Kaveri River which has been dammed and its flow controlled.

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