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Last year (2006) was the 'warmest on record'

Breaking Climate News: Europe
Photo: London’s Natural History Museum

Jan 02, 2007
Last year was the warmest across England since records began nearly 350 years ago. The average daily temperature, based on readings from a number of meteorological stations, was 10.9C (51.62F).

That bettered the previous warmest year on record - 1990, with an average daily temperature of 10.67C (51.2F). That was a new record “by a long way,” said meteorologist Gareth Harvey of Meteogroup said. And there could be more warm years on the way. Mr Harvey said that most of the forecasts agreed there would be an upward temperature trend over the next 10-15 years.

Last year’s mild weather had an affect right across the country in a number of ways. It hit ice rinks set up for winter fun - at Warwick Castle the chillers were unable to create ice, and at London’s Natural History Museum the ice melted.
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