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Kashmir's Freak Weather Phenomena

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Breaking Climate News: Kashmir, India
Jan 11, 2007
Kashmir is experiencing an UNUSUAL WEATHER PHENOMENON this year. While the night temperatures are below normal, the days have been UNUSUALLY hot for this time of the year. Since January 1, the day temperature is at least 4 to 5 degrees above normal, which should be around 5 degree Celsius for this time of the year. The warm days are in turn leading to colder nights. This is in contrast to last year’s chilly January, when the highest day temperature recorded was 0.2 degree Celsius. In January 2006, it had rained and snowed for at least 10 days. “There is no moisture in the western weather systems this year, resulting in the high temperatures. With the clear skies there is more heat radiation at night, making it very cold.” The minimum temperature is dipping, with the mercury touching -5.9 degrees, the normal for January is -2 degrees Celsius. But, inspite of the low temperature, water bodies have not frozen this year as the sun melts the frozen banks of the lake. Meteorologists say the warm current is not much of a problem and is a global phenomenon. Even many countries in Europe, UK and even the US are experiencing warmer days this winter.
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