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It's going to be a chilly and windy New Year's Day

Breaking Climate News: United Arab Emirates

Jan 01, 2007
The December just finished was the COLDEST FOR AT LEAST TWO DECADES. The average maximum temperature last month was just 23.0C, which is 4.7C down on December 2005. The cold weather of recent weeks has been caused by a 'blocking pattern' that has trapped cold air in the Gulf region's atmosphere. "It has been UNUSUAL weather and it's been caused by an UNUSUAL weather pattern, but there is nothing abnormal about having unusual weather. We just happened to be in a certain position in relation to this blocking pattern

Cold Weather

NEW MEXICO - Mother Nature slammed New Mexico with a RECORD-SETTING SNOWSTORM. It closed portions of the interstate highways overnight Friday, caused airlines to cancel hundreds of flights and dropped at least 2 feet of snow in many parts of Santa Fe. It's a PRETTY RARE event to have this much snow." The storm of the last three days will easily eclipse the previous 24-hour record of 16 inches reported in Santa Fe Nov. 23, 1986. More snow is forecast in the area for late tonight and Tuesday. The storm paralyzed much of the Santa Fe area heading into the long New Year's weekend. The state closed major highways, airlines canceled flights, emergency shelters went up, and people in need stretched social services to the limit. Storm totals, added to 6 inches from another severe storm a week earlier, probably will break a record for snowfall in December once totals are tabulated. The only other month that came close was December 1985, when 35 inches of snow fell during the whole month. Photo: Sandra Swain carries her Havanese dog, Happy Girl, through Salvador Perez park on Dec. 30, 2006 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. "I've lived here since 1971, and I've never seen it snow like this!" said Swain.
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