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Ice plays havoc with U.S. power grid

Storm News: USA

Power Emergency
Photo: Jonathan Lavy, working for Quanta Services from Mansfield, Texas, uses a long pole to break ice from power lines in downtown Eufaula, Okla., as efforts continue to restore electricity to areas of Eufaula which have been without power since an ice storm over the weekend. (AP Photo)

Jan 16, 2007
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Emergency crews scrambled Tuesday to restore electricity to about 80,000 customers nationwide that are still in the dark following a series of ice storms that snapped trees and power lines from the Southwest Plains to New England.
The onslaught of freezing rain left little doubt that it is January, putting to rest any notion that the balmy weather in late December could last long.
Power company officials said that most of the 600,000 homes and businesses that lost service over the weekend are back on line, but that some of the harder-hit areas, especially rural regions, will have to wait until Wednesday for relief.
Meanwhile, meteorologists are warning more misery could be in store for parts of Texas, where freezing rain pushed Governor Rick Perry's inauguration ceremony indoors in Austin on Monday, and parts of the Mississippi Valley and Louisiana.

Winter Storms
Jan 17, 2007
SAN ANTONIO - An icy storm blamed for at least 59 deaths in nine states spread snow and freezing rain across Texas all the way to the Mexican border Wednesday, closing the Alamo, glazing freeways and immobilizing communities unaccustomed to such cold.
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