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Hottest year on record, with climate chaos set to follow

Breaking Climate News: Scotland
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Jan 09, 2007
Last year was the HOTTEST EVER RECORDED in Scotland, and temperatures are set to soar in the long term, weather experts have forecast. Latest figures by the Met Office show that the country is facing climate chaos, becoming increasingly warmer and wetter. Thermometers reached 8.25C in Scotland in 2006, well above the long-term average of 6.97C. July was the WARMEST MONTH EVER RECORDED NORTH OF THE BORDER, with an average temperature 0.6C above the previous hottest July, in 1983. September 2006 was the HOTTEST SEPTEMBER EVER in Scotland and in the UK, nearly 3C warmer than the average. November and December were THE WETTEST EVER - respectively with 244mm (10in) and 270mm (10.6in) of rain. THE FOUR WARMEST YEARS EVER RECORDED were the last four years. "Every year is getting warmer and the trend is upwards over the long-term."

CALIFORNIA -USA- A wildfire tore through the exclusive enclave of Malibu north of Los Angeles today, devastating at least 10 homes as it ripped through several hectares of prime real estate. The fire erupted about 5pm (11am AEDT) with high winds sending flames roaring through four hectares of tinder-dry brush, destroying Pacific Ocean-front properties worth millions of dollars.

CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles, struck by record-breaking high temperatures last summer, will be hit again by heat waves this summer, an expert predicted. Temperatures in Los Angeles will be even higher this year than over the torrid summer of 2006. Last summer's sizzling heat was only "a preview of coming attractions"... "There's definitely a disturbance in the force on global temperature." "With each succeeding El Nino event, we are more likely than not to set new record global temperatures." Last year, 160 Californians died during a heat wave. In July, highs in Woodland Hills of Los Angeles topped 100 degrees for a record three consecutive weeks.
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