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Ground cracks, rumbles

Earth News: Philippines

Jan, 2007
Big cracks in the ground and rumbling sounds from beneath have raised fears that landslides could hit Sitio Baluc in Barangay Malasibog, Escalante, Negros Occidental. While fissures had been seen in the ground in Mt. Lunay in Sitio Baluc, about 8 kilometers from the city proper, in the past, lately more and larger ones have been noted. "And residents have complained that they can hear rumbling sounds from beneath the ground." These are signs of a possible landslide exacerbated by constant rain that has loosened the soil. The 13 families at the bottom of one of three mountains that surround a plateau in Barangay Malasibog are vulnerable to landslides. So, as a precautionary measure, residents will be allowed to tend to their farms and animals during the day but will be made to spend their nights in makeshift shelters on higher ground, especially while the rains continue.
SINGAPORE - Continuous heavy rain from Thursday night caused several problems around certain areas of Singapore, including a landslide and the disruption of business operations. From midnight Thursday to 6pm Friday, 239 millimetres of rain fell in the northern part of Singapore - the highest amount so far. The monthly average for all of January is 241 millimetres. The rain caused a landslide near Jalan Anak Bukit on a slip road heading towards the Pan Island Expressway, resulting in the road's closure until further notice. The rain continued throughout Friday. The amount of rain recorded at the MacRitchie Reservoir station from 2pm on Thursday to 2pm on Friday was 216.7 millimetres, which was 90 percent of the average amount for the whole of January. The weatherman says rain is expected to last for a few more days. Related Video

SRI LANKA - At least thirteen people were killed in a major landslide in Padiyapelella Friday. A series of earthslips that hit several places in the Walapane divisional Secretariat area destroyed more than 20 houses and displaced thousands of people. More than 10,000 families have been displaced due to heavy floods in Ampara and Batticaloa districts. Meanwhile, more than 2000 families have been displaced in the Hambantota district after heavy rains lashed several areas during the past two days resulting in the overflowing of the YodaWewa, Tissa Wewa and Lunugamwehera.

BRAZIL - At least seven people have disappeared and are feared dead following a landslide Friday afternoon at the São Paulo subway's Yellow Line in Nações Unidas avenue, on the city's west side. A truck and a microbus were swallowed by the crater of about 30 meters (100 feet). The company that owns the missing microbus, says that they were trying to locate the vehicle by satellite, cell phone and radio, but they haven't been able to contact the bus driver. Trucks working in the subway and cars parked nearby also fell in the hole. It's feared that Metro workers have been buried by the landslide too. A giant crane working in the area seemed also on the verge of falling inside the trap. A Metro worker said the concrete structure simply gave way. "Everything suddenly crumbled." Fearing that houses in the neighborhood might also collapse authorities have evacuated residents in a one-kilometer radius around the crater. The process of caving in is still going on and engineering work in the area won't start before the ground settles down. Rain is forecast which will make conditions worse.
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