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The Great Comet In The Sky

From the Editor's Desk: Skywatch-Media
Jan 11, 2007
A brilliant Comet is now visible to the naked eye in the Western horizon. Is this comet the one and the same comet spoken of in the Nostradamus, 'Mabus Prophecy'? Skywatch-Media will be posting an interesting publication to the weekly newsletter, which finds some rather startling correlations between this comet, Saddam's recent execution, and the Mabus prophecy foretold by Nostradamus centuries ago. Check your emails and watch for this newsletter coming soon!

GREAT COMET: When the sun sets tonight, go outside and look west. You may see the brightest comet in thirty years hanging just above the horizon. It's Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1).
Last night, "as the comet descended in the west, it turned reddish and seemed to glow very brightly--almost like a spark or ember. Awe inspiring!" reports Leslie Sheldon of Kanata, Ontario. "I can only imagine what it would look like in truly dark skies." Photo Above provided by Michal Kaluzny, Poland, Leszno Jan. 10, 2007

In the days ahead, Comet McNaught will pass the sun (temporarily disappearing in the glare) and emerge in good position for southern hemisphere viewing later this month. Meanwhile, solar heating will continue to puff up the comet, causing it to brighten even more. It could become one of the brightest comets in centuries, visible even in daylit skies

Sean Walker of Sky and Telescope decided to photograph Comet McNaught in broad daylight. He took this picture from his observatory in Chester, New Hampshire on Jan. 10th at 8:38 EST , Sean says at the time taken, the comet was only 11 degrees from the Sun!

Catch Comet McNaught Now!

At latitude 40° north, the comet is likely to be visible any time after civil twilight, which ends 30 minutes after sunset. Check your local newspaper or our almanac for the exact time.
Sky & Telescope diagram.

News Source: Spaceweather.com
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