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Food drops for US storm victims

Storm News: USA

Jan 02, 2007
National Guard helicopters have been dropping food and hay bales in central parts of the US for people and cattle stranded by a major snowstorm.
The blizzard, which began on Friday, brought up to 35 inches (90cm) of snow to parts of the region.
At least 12 deaths have been blamed on the weather, and farmers fear the heavy snow could kill thousands of cattle.
The states of Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Oklahoma have all been badly affected.
It is the second blizzard to hit the region in as many weeks. The National Weather Centre said better conditions were expected for later this week in all areas affected.

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COLORADO - Fort Collins residents are still digging out and warming up from the biggest story of 2006: two major snowstorms in the waning weeks of the year. The snowstorms, which dumped nearly 3 feet of snow and could cost the city upward of $1 million in cleanup costs, came during a RARE weather cycle that hasn't happened in Colorado in recent memory. "It's VERY UNLIKELY and VERY UNCOMMON to see two major snows like this in a row. This is something that doesn't come around too often." "December will most likely be THE SNOWIEST for Fort Collins to date, depending on the final numbers." The snowiest December ever on record in Fort Collins was 38.7 in 1913. For the month to date as of 7 a.m. Friday, Fort Collins recorded 38.3 inches of snow - a pounding when compared to the average total for December of 6.1 inches. The season-to-date totals, which measure snowfall levels from Sept. 1 on, are also abnormally high. From Sept. 1 to Friday morning, Fort Collins recorded 49.1 inches of snow - a high total when compared to the city's average of 15.7 inches. The total amounts of precipitation were also skyrocketing when compared to normal years. Precipitation from the snow this month has been high in that we have received 2.6 inches of perceptible water for the month of December. That compares to a normal of 0.46 inches for the month." December 2006 could also be THE SNOWIEST MONTH EVER ON RECORD for Fort Collins. Until 2006, the other record months for snow were April 1920 when there was 35.8 inches of snowfall and March 1988, which brought the city 35.4 inches.

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