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Flooding sends water surge, submerges Kenai

Earth News: Alaska, USA
Photo: Small ice floes are making their way down stream, while larger ones hug the shoreline. (Mike Nederbrock/KTUU-TV)
Jan 29, 2007

Kenai Flooding

Soldotna, Alaska - This weekend's flooding on the Kenai Peninsula has caused at least $1 million in damage, scattering docks and walkways for miles. While the worst is thought to be over, a few communities remain at risk.
Flood waters have dropped significantly since last week. Yesterday, the water was at 20 feet, and earlier today it dropped four feet, down to 16. Currently, it's at 13 feet.
There is a lot of open water, and small ice floes are making their way downstream, while larger ones hug the shoreline -- the aftermath of a huge surge of ice and water that let loose Thursday night.
Ken Marlow, a guide business owner who lives on the Kenai River, said 14 miles of ice was collected by the current from Skilak Lake and made its way downstream.
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