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The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents

Skywatch-Media Public Announcement

Environmental News: USA
January, 2007
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun closing its nationwide network of scientific libraries, effectively preventing EPA scientists and the public from accessing vast amounts of data and information on issues from toxicology to pollution. Several libraries have already been dismantled, with their contents either destroyed or shipped to repositories where they are uncataloged and inaccessible.
Members of Congress have asked the EPA to cease and desist. While the agency claims that it has postponed further destruction of documents, we need you to tell the EPA that scientists and the public need unconstrained access to this critical information to protect our health and environment. Please call EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson at (202) 564-4700 and urge him to keep the library system open until all materials are available online and sufficient research assistance is available.
Please Note: We've received reports that some EPA receptionists are telling UCS supporters that the EPA is simply restructuring and modernizing the system. Click here for evidence of why this argument doesn’t hold water.
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