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Earthquake Preparedness News Conference at USC

Skywatch Public Announcement
Jan 08, 2007
A press conference will be held to:
*Kick off the 2007 "DARE to Prepare" public awareness campaign, its major message, "Shift Happens-Secure Your Space," and the campaign website, www.daretoprepare.org

*Announce the formation of the "Movers and Shakers" leadership group chaired by Sen. Diane Feinstein with government, business, entertainment, education, and community leaders;
*Commemorate the 150th anniversary of the last major earthquake on the southern San Andreas fault with release of loss estimates if the quake were to happen today;
*Demonstrate a large quake in a new Shake simulator. All media representatives are welcome to take it for a ride. See what happens inside your home during the shaking -- view first-hand hazards to both people and property.WHEN: Tuesday, January 9, 8:00 a.m.

Editor's Note: Oddly enought this PR news release from the University of Southern California sounds more like a conspicuous warning of something more omminous occuring beyond that of a quake. The message being relayed by the government is what's so alarming about the news release, "Shift happens, secure your space." Maybe this is just a harmless coincidence, but this PR release sounds more like a hidden warning about a possible pole shift with much dire consequences for the public. Hmmm. Well, with nature's fury being unleashed across the globe these days, one has to wonder what other surprises are on the dinner table for each of us to digest. Stay tuned!

From the Skywatch E-Store
Dare To Prepare is geared to the city, urban, suburban and rural person, and has useful information for everyone including apartment dwellers and folks on low income. It's a reference manual for practical living whether or not we are in crisis and how to save money at the same time.Dare To Prepare is many books in one ‹ a mini-encyclopaedia. The material is totally updated to meet today's preparedness needs and Dare 2 includes many new, thoroughly researched topics. Like the original, Dare's aim is to arm you with as much information possible in one volume. It contains the most vital material to keep you safe and prepare you for life's challenges. Buy this valuable publication Now!
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